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40% Volume Alcool
Bouteille de 70 cl


Maxons has been making quality confectionery since 1927, while Dixons which is now owned by Maxons has been doing so since the 1880s. Still based in Sheffield today and run by the 3rd generation of the Pitchfork family who took Maxons over in the 1950s. Maxons still produces to the same recipes and standards as they always have, and in keeping with this since 2009 Maxons now make 99% of their products with no artificial colours or flavours (this product being one of them). The Cola Cube is a staple of any boiling house. Maxons Cola Cube is how you would expect a Cola Cube to be from one of the most traditional boiling houses in the UK. Full of flavour like all Maxons? products the Cola Cube will transport you back to your childhood where a quarter of Cola Cubes was a weekly purchase for any child. The Old Family Favourites group of products has been produced as a group of products that are archetypally British and are traditional products that have not changed since they were being first produced. They are all made to traditional recipes and using the finest ingredients and with taste and quality to the fore. The Old Family Favourites are packaged in a beautiful plastic reproduction of a Victorian Style sweet jar which can take you back in time to the start of the industry. This jar is ideal for a gift, to have on our desk at work or at home on the coffee table to share with people who love Old Fashioned sweets as much as you do, or those who need to know what a proper, quality boiled sweet should taste like.
40% Volume Alcool
Bouteille de 70 cl

This post was originally published on 29 août 2020.

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